Our Services

99MEDIA Delivers A Custom Solution Based On Their Goals

We offer a selection of services on an array of social media platforms. We specialize in Social Media Marketing, Management, and Consulting. Unlike the competition, we work with companies and people alike. We are dedicated to bringing you more revenue and market share in your industry through the power of social media.

Social Media Marketing

Growing your social media can be tough, especially when you have a business to run. This is why we will take over for you and let you focus on big picture while we focus on the back end for you.

Social Media Consulting

Are you currently bootstrapped in your business and need help optimizing your social media? Bring us on as a consultant to help you unlock the full potential of social media.


We takes the hassle off of companies and personalities through social media management.

Creative Strategy

We create a perfect strategy for your brand and company to succeed on social media. Everything we do is going to be custom-tailored to your business.

Paid Advertising

We help drive revenue for businesses and personalities through paid advertising.

Email Marketing

99MEDIA works with different email marketing softwares to help you make sales that you didn’t even know where possible!

Content Creation

99MEDIA creates custom content for your social media to perform at the highest level!

Lead Generation

What does a new customer mean to you? Through social media, 99MEDIA helps you get new customers through the door!

personal brand recharge

Having trouble establishing your personal brand? Don’t worry 99MEDIA has your back. Using our team skills we’ll help get image you’ve always wanted.

web design

Need help getting the website just right? 99MEDIA has got you covered!